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Baja Fish Taco Salad

Baja Fish Taco Saladrecipe by patterson watkinsphoto by shana smithSeafood, sun, and summer go hand in hand, and this taco salad recipe—with fresh mahi-mahi and an orange-cilantro

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Make it Right

There are things you do around the house every day that you probably don’t think too much about. From squeezing your toothpaste tube to doing your weekly load of laundry, try these hacks that

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Cinema under the stars

Movies are synonymous with summer entertainment. We all have memories of packing into a local theater to see the latest blockbuster with family and friends, and you may have even enjoyed movies on

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Farmhouse: Fashionably Functional

To some, farmhouse might feel too dated or too country—but the modern resurgence of this trend has proved it’s anything but. This style can work well in virtually any home or environment

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